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Filling Station

A Message from Tim Crawley (Filling Station).

This comes to wish you and all your team members the Lord’s blessing at this Christmas time.

And I want to take a moment to thank you most sincerely for your partnership in this gospel ministry during 2014. It is an honour and a real privilege for us to be co-labouring with the Lord in this ministry.

It is important to look back, as scripture so often does, and take note of and celebrate the things that the Lord has done. 2014 was a year of strong growth with the quality and quantity and the breadth and effectiveness of the ministry developing across the network. At least 17 new Filling Stations opened this year (it may actually have been 19 or more), which represents growth of around 45%. Among many developments that I could mention, the Directors team has been significantly strengthened through the appointment of Sarah Stockinger who is carrying out very thorough and much needed improvements to our operating systems, bringing some very welcome improvement in efficiency. We ran our second Conference (our first national conference) in June, we have upgraded the Publicity, and are working to strengthen and underpin the whole ministry by providing materials and training for all the Filling Stations as they minister in very different contexts – and there are several key developments we shall providing to assist you in this ministry in 2015.

As I have been travelling across the South West and working with teams I am encouraged and impressed by the dedication that I see. Whether in large meetings or small ones, well resourced Filling Stations or less well resourced, the prayer and commitment and sacrifice of many is bringing a depth of maturity as individuals and teams press forward in this Kingdom ministry. The result is that sometimes in very overt ways through healings and conversions and penetrating prophetic revelation, but more often in quiet ways men and women are encountering God in Worship, through the Word and through the Spirit and in all the context of genuine care and Christian love. I love this ministry, and I love what I see developing, even in the rare cases where some teams are facing what seems like a difficult uphill struggle. The Lord is establishing something very special through this initiative; it is not clear exactly what the final “result” will be, but it already looks very special and a cause for deep and sincere praise to Jesus Christ.

So this comes to thank you for all you contribute to the ministry, to encourage you in all you are doing, and to assure you of my prayers for you all as we move forward together in ministry into 2015.

Looking forward to seeing you again in May.

In our wonderful Saviour


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