baptism picture

Holy Baptism (often known as Christening) is the means of initiation into the Christian Church and is a time to give thanks for the birth of your child.  In the Church of England this ceremony is most often, although not always, identified with infants.

The church promises to support you in your decision to have your child baptised.  Each year on the anniversary of the baptism your child will receive a card reminding you of our prayerful support.

Baptisms are held on the 1st Sunday of the month in the 10:00 am service and on some other Sundays at
12:15 pm, by appointment.

To arrange a baptism, please attend a church service and make yourself known to the Vicar, who will be pleased to explain the next steps for your baby’s baptism or contact the church office Tel: 01326 378065 or email us