We are so pleased that you have found us and hope you will sense God’s love among his people.  We look forward to welcoming you into the heart of our church.

A Christian community has existed on this site for many centuries and continues to find its place within the community. At the heart of our belief is an understanding that God desires to transform lives as he seeks those who are searching and our role is to try and sense which way God is leading and to help in this process.

At St Budock we do this through providing opportunities for Prayer, Healing, Teaching from Holy Scripture and Worship – as well as caring for each other in Home Groups.
We hope that you will, both, experience God’s transforming love in this place and among his people, as well as desire to help others in this process.


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  • Messy Church – Sunday 24th January 2016

    Messy Church Sunday 24th January 2016 After introductions and some rousing songs the story of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector (Luke 18: 9-14) was enacted for us, in costume, by members of the ‘Open the Book’ tea. Jesus used this story to teach us that we should pray for

  • Choir Vestry Bookings

    Please would anyone who uses the Choir Vestry regularly on certain dates or days, please let Annette in the Church Office know when this is. We are trying to produce a rota for Choir Vestry bookings, so that we know when it is or isn’t available for meetings etc. Thank

  • messy church flyer

    Messy Church first Celebration for 2016

    Messy Church at St Francis School is enthusiastically heading into its second year.  Its first Celebration is on 24th January from 4.00pm to 6.00pm. We will hear why Jesus warns us against showing off or thinking that we are better than other people – how topical is that?  All are