Messy Church Report March 2019

We were delighted to welcome 8 families to our celebration of the arrival of Spring. (Although the weather as I write this suggests that Spring may have gone away again!)

Our recent addition of chopped fresh fruit to our breakfast menu was greatly enjoyed; either on its own, stirred into porridge or sprinkled over the freshly made pancakes.

Michael introduced our theme, and explained that we had taken the song “All things bright and beautiful…” as our inspiration. Our activities included knitting and decorating ‘mug hugs’, and making flowers from folded tissue paper.  Alan organised races on Space Hoppers which was enjoyed by both children and adults.

Play-Doh was used to create brightly coloured creatures, and trees were clothed with cut out leaves. We played on wooden xylophones, not always very tunefully, but with great enjoyment.  In addition, we had our usual favourites; colouring in intricate patterns around Bible verses, and the Playmat with toys and books to share.

Alan talked to us all about the colourful and beautiful world that we lived in and showed stunning slides to both “It’s a Wonderful World” and then, as we sang and played a variety of instruments “All things bright and beautiful”.

We finished with a prayer to thank God for the wonders of this world, which we must take care of.  Alan then invited everyone to join us at the next Messy Church on Saturday 13th April when we will have Easter Eggs to give away.


The Messy Church Team