The Filling Station – March 2017

What a night! Seventy-five people all worshipping the Lord, hearing the Word and singing lustily – all washed down with some good coffee and doughnuts.
The Penmorvah did us proud once more. A comfortable room, well decorated tables with crisp white cloths and candle and quietly efficient staff who served us competently yet professionally.
The Budock Ensemble were right on cue with their songs as they concentrated our minds on Jesus, the sole reason for our attendance there.
Geoff Davis gave a strong testimony about how he came to the Lord on the 7th February 1975.
After being a soloist in St Gluvius Choir (yes he does come from Penryn!), once his voice broke, so did his links with the church as the teenage Geoff went off in search of girls. He did not stop singing though as he joined a couple of pop groups. At this time Geoff’s main aim in life was to gain fame and fortune. One fortunate event was to marry his wife but even though he made plenty of money as a salesman and gained a measure of success, he did wonder “What is this all about?” However, it was the death of his son that brought about his transformation. Questions flowed through his mind “Is there a God?” “Why my son?” “Why not me?” He read the Bible to get answers. Ploughing through the early Old Testament was rather daunting, but The New Testament was the answer – in Jesus.
“Suffer little children…” God is not the angry “Though shalt not… “ but a loving heavenly Father.
“The Shepard and the lost sheep…” “I am the lost sheep!”
“The Prodigal son…. “That’s me! I was lost and now I’m found”.
When he held his dying son he made a promise that he would spend his life leading people to Christ. That is what life is all about.
For the next 29 years, that is what Geoff has done. Telling people it is all about knowing Jesus. ”Look and live”. “I have come so that you will love life”.
Alex Marshall has been through the Valley of the Shadow of Death recently, yet he was among us to tell us of his experiences. Once he had told Pete Garland he had myelodysplasia, Pete immediately thought ‘Dry Bones’ because this condition causes the bone marrow to reduce its ability to form red blood cells. Alex certainly felt completely different!
Rather like the dry bones coming together, Charles Fox had a vision of a pile of dominoes standing up straight and in order rather like a platoon of soldiers on parade. He is not prone to comments such as “God told me…” but this seemed different. He told Alex which gave comfort. A while later Charles found a wooden egg in an old drawer. Eggs of course stand for renewal, rebirth and resurrection. This egg once opened contained – dominoes. This gave Alex hope that the Lord would begin to heal him.
Alex himself was able to pray over two men in his ward. One had a continuous bleed that prevented him from going home. Alex asked if he may pray for him. The man assented. Next morning he went home. Another man, a leg amputee, had a wound that would not heal. Alex asked if he may pray. Next morning the man was ready to go home. The nerve endings in his l;egs were healed. Poor Alex, he with his illness was, with the Holy Spirit, able to heal two people. However, on remembering a few Bible passages he was able to come to terms with the situation. 2 Corinthians 4 says there are treasures in jars of clay and 2 Corinthians 12:10 says “when I am weak then I am strong” So don’t be afraid of weakness.
Pete has had a picture of Alex’s stem cells maturing over the next three months to form red cells so there is great hope.
After some more worship songs, Nick Crawley, our Filling Station South-West Co-ordinator gave us our talk.
Nick’s talk was based on the moment in Antioch when Paul and Barnabas received their commission to evangelise in Asia Minor. Before they went anywhere they prayed and fasted. Because they did this, their mission was successful and we are here today as a result.
Church history over the past 2000 years has shown how the Holy Spirit has built the church. The people prayed and fasted.
Here at the Filling Station we have seen some remarkable results from teams who have fasted and prayed. One group discovered the Daniel Fast, tried it and change occurred. They found a new place and people started coming. The Lossiemouth group decided to pray and fast before they set up the organisation in their town. After a forty day fast, they had the £3000 they needed and they were up and running. They are now a centre of fruitfulness for the whole of Scotland and are even hosting the equivalent of ‘New Wine’ in Scotland.
The aim on fasting this Lent is to ‘Fast as you can – not as you can’t’ plus worshipping the Lord and prayer. Try it for a day or two, eat plain food, no delicacies or luxuries. Fasting is a tool for establishing bridgeheads for the Kingdom.
This Lent is 21 days, just enough time to read one chapter of the Gospel of John per day. Lent is a spiritual exercise time, engage with God and he engages with you.
Nick went on to say that Filling Stations are thriving, however they find that after three years or so, unless they progress they will stagnate. The Word of God is crucial, prayer ministry and worship are vital, but the Holy Spirit does not stand still, the Kingdom of God is progressive. As with the Gifts of the Spirit, Filling Stations must pray for new ministries.
Falmouth Filling Station had a prophesy that it would have a healing ministry and it was good to see that prophesy beginning to be fulfilled as the talks that went on earlier have shown. The Falmouth Filling Station should carry on in this ministry because it is better to fail trying than fail to try.
We have a hard time ahead of us because Britain is like a hard dry rock. God told Moses to hit the rock and water flowed out and the people were renewed. With praying and fasting we can get the dry bones of Britain renewed again.

If you would like to listen to either Geoff or Alex’s testimonies or Nick’s talk visit our Filling Station page which can be found in the Reachout tab.