Messy Church Report 26th June 2016

On a damp and misty afternoon we gathered at St. Francis School to think about “Dry Bones”. Alan explained that we all need refreshing and renewal in our lives, and that the story of the Dry Bones in the Old Testament was an illustration of the despair that the Hebrew people felt when they were taken captive and removed far from their homeland. The Prophet Ezekiel reminded them that through God they could turn from being like dry bones and become people of faith once more.

Sometimes we feel despair in our lives, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, God can take away our despair and refresh and renew us by breathing new life into us.

We began with a “Bonio” hunt. It took a long time to discover the one hidden on Daniel’s head! We then all sang lustily “Dem Bones” with plenty of actions. This was followed by the activities:   on one table Daniel invited people to dig up bones (bone shaped dog biscuits) hidden in jelly. The question being what happened to the bones in the story? On another table Marcus was busy making bone strengthening smoothies explaining how there are lots of bones in today’s story. Why do we need our bones? How can we look after them? Why do things like smoothies help?

Monica, Pat and Julie were busy demonstrating how to make puppets out of pipe cleaners and string which danced when they were finished, to remind everyone how hopeless situations can change when God breathes his life and hope in them. People can change from being very sad to full of hope and might even feel like dancing.

With a lot of help from the children, Clair assembled a skeleton made from boxes. It was amazing where some of the bones were put, but in the end the body was made, reminding everyone that God can make us into complete people of hope.

We then enjoyed supper together, chicken drumsticks and macaroni salad followed by fruit and milky lollies; a big thank you Jan G. and Linda; before our closing prayers and a reminder that the next Messy Church will be on Gyllyngvase beach on July 17th at 4:00pm when the theme will be “Team Jesus”. See you all there!