Messy Church Celebration February 2016

otb last supperThe theme of the February Messy Church Celebration was “Sharing a special meal together”. After the introduction and welcome, the Open the Book team gave a dramatic presentation of Jesus sharing his last meal with his disciples. The activities which followed linked sharing special meals with the Passover, when symbolic food is eaten to remember the Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt.

making flatbreadThe activities included: Making flat bread which reminded everyone how during the original Passover there was no time to wait for yeast to rise, so bread had to be made as quickly as possible.

Making sour faces, which we all did when we tasted the bitter herbs and lemons. This is a part of the Jewish Passover meal to remind people of the hard times during the Exodus.


Assembling prayer cubes and writing Grace Prayers on them to remind us to thank God for our food.making prayer cubes

Printing potato cuts on place mats to celebrate sharing meals together.building a door frame

Making a door and its frame through which we all walked on our way to our food to remind us of our own homes.

We then enjoyed a meal together of Matzos and toppings followed by fresh fruits, before our final prayers and song.

A big Thank You to everyone who made the afternoon such a lovely time of Christian family fellowship.

The next Messy Church is on Sunday 20th March at 4pm.

Jan Winslade