Light Party

Saturday 31st October, 6 – 8 pm

This year our Light Party features The Guardians of Ancora. The party will include stories, art and games and of course a feast.

Children aged 5 – 11 are all welcome. Younger children are welcome too but would need to be accompanied by an adult.

The theme of this years Light Party isĀ “Guardian’s of Ancora”. It is set in new testament times and is based upon a new games app from Scripture Union where children run around a virtual village collecting sheep and hear stories of Jesus on the way. This app is free to download from all app stores.

Helpers are welcome (and encouraged) to dress up as such. Please see Marcus or Jacqui to offer your service
visit Guardians of Ancora Facebook page to see what other think
you can download the game for free from Scripture Union

for more information please contact The Vicarage 01326 376422